Bad Astronaut – Passenger tab

  The passenger
  by joey cape and bad astronaut 
  from the album  "houston we have a drinking problem"

Dm          C                 Bb                      Gm      A
 wait planet earthquake planet heartbreak give me this day
 Dm                C               Bb           Gm         A
 dates pas through a maze  are you ok? are you awake
 Dm                 C                 Bb                    Gm     A
 pride, yours flies to high, yours is to great, yours is to die
 Dm             C              Bb             Gm      A
 i'm taking no side,i'm going under,for once allive
 Dm           C
 wait falling airplanes,


 i'm not going to tab this out it is fairly simpel (and i lag)
 they use mostly a G dorian scale (thats the second mode of an F minor scale)

 Dm             C                      Bb                   Gm     A
 today memories fade away in suspended dreamstate somehow i knew
 Dm     C                Bb    Gm    A
 erase, everything stops now

 C                          Dm
 and now i crash with them, i am a blank deposit
 Bb                          Eb    C
 i'm held acomplice to man's will, the fait trancending reason,
 Dm                      Bb                            Eb
 the passenger decending and in an instant time stands stil
 Dm           C           Bb    Gm    A   Eb  A   Dm   C   Eb
 fade, planet heartbreak                     ( stop thinking )

  A    Eb  Dm    Bb 

Thats it   enjoy and/or suffer

tabed by  Peter Delabie 

 any questions,problems,mistakes ?  
 mail me at
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