Linoleum chords with lyrics by Bad Astronaut - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bad Astronaut – Linoleum chords

E G#Possessions never meant anything to me
I'm not crazy
C#m B A B Well that's not true, I have a bed, and a guitar
E G#And a dog named Dog who pisses on my floor
C#mThat's right, I've got a floor
B A B So what, so what, so what?
E G#I've got pockets full of Kleenex and lint and holes
C#m AWhere everything important to me
EJust falls right down my leg
G#And on to the floor
C#m B A My closest friend linoleum
B ELinoleum
G# C#m A Supports my head, gives me something to believe
E G#That's me on the beach side combing the sand
C#mMetal meter in my hand
ASporting a pocket full of shit
E G#That's me on the beach with a violin under my chin
C#m APlaying with a grin, singing GBH
E G#That's me on the back of the bus
C#mThat's me inside the cell
AThat's me inside your head
E G# C#m AThat's me inside your heeeead heeeeeead
E G# C#m B A BThat's me inside your head
ends on E
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