Bad Astronaut – Violet tab

Artist: Bad Astronaut
Song: Violet

Tabbed By Frank Vezien

There are 2 guitars playing but I only tabbed one, it's Ok when playing.
Listen to the song for the rhythm.

Chords Used: F C A# Gsus4 Csus4 F5 C Dm Ame |-1----0----1-----3-----5--------------1----0------| B |-1----1----3-----5-----6----5----5----3----1------| G |-2----0----3-----5-----5----3----2----2----2------| D |-3----2----3-----5-----7--------------------------|A |-3----3----1-----3-----8--------------------------|E |-1---------1-----3-----5--------------------------|
Riff 1(Violoncello):
Riff 2:
F C A# F Tonight the drunks are infected, we're on our way F C A# F As if they drop by to see me u-n-i-n-v-i-t-e-d A# Gsus4 Csus4 Gsus4 A# And I am a walflower, maybe a better father Gsus4 This is a job F C For seconds I miss the Bentleys A# F Today maybe they'll call, F C A# C F You describe every prison you pass through them all A# Gsus4 Csus4 Gsus4 A# Then he asked you for your head and I vowed to burn your bed Gsus4 A# Try to pretend, but this is your life, Gsus4 somehow, it feels right F5 C I'm calling this evolution, I'm falling for institution Dm Am A# Warm submission enveloping you Riff 1 F Tomorrow I'll survive the questions C Knives buried with cold indifference Dm C A# My world is true rendered by you Riff 1 A# Riff 1 Gsus4 A# Gsus4 Csus4 Here they come again, I could never find the words Gsus4 A# So I disguised them in verse Gsus4 Csus4 Until it comes out dumb and wrong, Riff 2 The simplest song, A# C If you sing along END
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