Badly Drawn Boy – Tickets To What You Need tab

Song:  "Tickets to what you need"
Artist:  Badly Drawn Boy
Album:  "Have You Fed The Fish?"

Tabbed by the General

A                           F#m
I'm turning the lights down low
Ready to make my moove
                             Cm  D
Get you tickets to what you neeeeed
A                      F#m
I'm treading the borderlines
                      E                              Cm  D
And ruining people's lives by giving them what they neeeeed

Riff before chorus:

e -------------| B -------------| G -------------| D -------------| A -------------| E --0---2---4--|
Chorus: A F#m You're quite right to ask what's wrong with me E D You want to take a look at my head A F#m Even I've been thinking what's wrong with me E D I watch the news instead That´s it
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