Band Of Skulls - Cold Fame tab version 1

Arist: Band of Skulls
Song: Cold Fame
Tuning: EADGBe
Tabbed by: Giel

Song is in standard tuning. I know it probably isn't correct but it sound close 
enough. It basicly exists of two parts. Just improvise on it a bit.

e|--6--------6----6-----6---6-----6-----------6----|B|--6--------6----10----10--8-----6-----------6----|G|--6--------6----6-----6---6-----6----7-7-7--6----|D|--9--------9----9-----9---9-----6----9-9-7--6----|A|--10-------10---x-----x---x-----9-----------9----|E|--6--------6----6-----6---6-----10----------10---| (repeat a lot)
(I know my place..)e|----------------------2---|B|--5------3---3--3-----3---|G|--6------4---5--4-----2---|D|--7------5---x--5-----0---|A|--7------5---5--5---------|E|--------------------------| 2x
Then at the end strum these(cold fame in my brain):e|--6-------------6---------|B|--6-------------6---------|G|--6-------------6---------|D|--6-------------6---------|A|--9-------------9---------|E|--10------------10--------|
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