Band Of Skulls – Close To No chords

DThough I long to,
AmThough I try to,
G DFigure it out I'm told,
D CThere's no way of knowing.
D G7 Still I long to,
G D AmLong to know.
D Hold on through it,
AmPray I'll fool it,
G7 DLoosing it all I'm told,
AmAt the rate I'm going.
D G7Never learning,
G D AmNever close.
DI will prove it,
AMHold on to it,
G DGive it my heart and soul,
D C G CWith the chance I'll lose it.
D A7When I find you,
G D AmI will know.
D C G D C G Am
FNext to nothing,
F C Far from over,
C F D Am D Am DClose to nowhere.
Am D Am D (repeat to end).
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