Barlowgirl – Never Alone tab

I figured this out knowing how to play it on piano so it should be pretty accurate.

Intro: G DE|------0-2-3-2------0-2-3-2--3-------2-----------0-2-3-2------0-2-3-2--3-------2-|B|----0------------0----------0-------3----------0------------0---------0-------3-|G|----------------------------0-(x3)--2--2-0----------------------------0-(x3)--2-|D|--2-------------------------0-------0------4-2------------------------0-------0-|A|---------------3------------2-------0--------------------3------------2-------0-|E|----------------------------3-------0---------------------------------3-------0-|
Verse 1: Em G D I waited for you today Em G D But you didn't show, oh no, no Em G D I needed you today Em G D So where did you go? Em You told me to call C D Said you'd be there Em And though I haven't seen you G C D Are you still there? [Chorus] Em C D I cried out with no reply Em G D and I can't feel you by my side Em C D so I’ll hold tight to what I know Em D Em---intro you're here and I’m never alone [Verse 2] Em G D And though I cannot see you Em G D and I can't explain why Em G D such a deep, deep reassurance Em G D You've placed in my life Em We cannot separate C D cuz you're part of me Em and though you're invisible G C D I’ll trust the unseen chorus
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