Barlowgirl – Come Alive chords

Listen to the song to get an rhythm of how the chords change.  Also it's a million 
times easier to play all the chords as power chords, and in drop d.  She plays 
them as power chords, but not drop d (it sounds exactly the same though).  It's 
simple and fun to play once you get used to it.

Come Alive
Into: C# Eb (slide to)E  A  B  A  Ab  F#
C# Eb-EWake up get out there's no time to waste now
A B A Ab F#Never shut up it's our turn to speak out
C# Eb-E A B-A-Ab-F#These streets are dead just waiting to come alive
C# Eb-EBreak down the doors of our comfortable room
A B A Ab F#Tear down the walls we never could see through
C# Eb-B A B-A-Ab-F#aren't we sick yet of missing out on life?
C# Eb E F# Do we want more?
AbTell me do we want more?
C# (G) C# (E)'Cause we've heard the cry
E EbAnd we've come alive
C# (G) C# (E)And we'll fight for love
E EbAnd we live to die
C# (G) C# (E)Because a life that holds no meaning
E Ebis like a day without the light
C# (G) C# ESo we've come alive tonight.
Verse 2:
C# Eb-EAll have been called but so few have listened
A B A Ab F#Life is too short, you don't wanna miss this
C# Eb-E A B-A-Ab-F#make up your mind before life passes by
(Bass solo no guitar) Now is the time to wake up and see this
A B A Ab F#World wont revolve around you and me so
C# Eb-E A B-A-Ab-F#Let's be the change we've all been waiting for
C# Eb E F# Do we want more?
AbTell me do we want more?
Chorus Bridge:
EWe are the passion
C# BWe are the movement
E Eb EWe are the fire we'll
Eb E F Gnever lose it (second time hold Ab)
(Repeat) Chorus Outro: C# Eb (slide to)E A B A Ab F#
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