Barney Bentall – Gin Palace tab

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Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 07:43:56 -0700
From: Derek Frenette 
Subject: b/bentall_barney/gin_palace.crd

Words and music by B. Bentall/M. Crozier/D. Reimer
Tabbed by: Derek Frenette ( )

Intro: E G C D

Verse: E G D
E	G	       D
Another bitter cup of coffee,
E	        G 		D
Your picture rattles on the wall.
E 	      G		D	C
Another joint and you'll be happy, yeah,
E		G	      D
Somethin' in your eyes says it all, says it all

G        D  	         A		      C
I know all the halls in your gin palace,
G        D           A                        C
I know all the colours in your room
G       D            A                               C
I know all the boys that call you Alice,
G                      D                           A        C
But you'll always leave with me

Verse 2:
E       G		 D
I remember you in high school,
E	       G		      D
Wearin' that dress your mama made,
E	      G	           D            C
A beautiful angel in the hallway, yeah
E 	     G                          D
It's a memory that's old and pale, old and pale


Middle Eight:
E       D           G		D		E
I know, I know that you'll always leave me cryin'
E      D           G                       D                         E
I know I know that we'll always let you down

M. Reimer solo

Verse 3 Same as other verses

Tonight I think that I should leave here
We'd both be better off that way
And then you ask me what I'm thinkin'
It wouldn't matter anyway


 C. Nairn solo

end on E

I will eventually tab the solo and hopefully the fills,
I am a rythm guitarist and a procrastinator, so please have patience with me.

Any Q, C or e-mails appreciated

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