Barney Bentall – The Ballad Of Old Tom Jones tab

Artist: Barney Bentall
Title: The Ballad of Old Tom Jones

Capo 3, Drop D

Chords: D = 0x0232
        A = x02220
        Em = 222000
        C = x32033
        G = 550030

Note: Song in key of D (F# as capoed), sot try to let low D string ring while playing D 
and during licks. You will need to mute the B and high E string while playing the 
licks (particularly the slide on G from 4 to 7).


D D D A (play A for full measure)e|-----------------------------------------------0-|B|-3-3-------3-3-3-3-------3-3-3-3-------3-3-3-3-2-|G|-2-4-4s7-4-2-2-2-4-4s7-4-2-2-2-4-4s7-4-2-2-2-4-2-| x2D|-0-0-0---0-0-4-0-0-0---0-0-4-0-0-0---0-0-4-0-0-2-|A|-----------------------------------------------0-|D|-----0-------------0-------------0---------------|
Then: D (play D for full measure)e|-----------2-|B|-----------3-|G|-----------2-|D|-2h4p2p0---0-|A|---------2---|D|-----------0-|
Verse 1 (same as first part of Intro): D Old Tom Jones, woke up on a winters morn A The sun was barely poking through through the trees D The mercury read minus 50 degrees A He thought for sure the damn thing had finally broken Pre-chorus 1: D Until he walked outside Em D He said Kenny, I'm getting old Em D I'm tired, stove up and I'm cold, C G It's a long time since I've gotten any C G I been crawling over dollar bills and chasing pennies Chorus 1:
A DAnd lately I've been thinking 'bout homee|-----------------2-|B|-----------------3-|G|-----------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0---0-0-2-0-|A|---------2---------|D|----------------0--|
Verse 2: This old ranch been here, for many, many a year May for to feed the men, head north for gold It'll still go strong, long after I've moved on So to some to rich fool searching through his soul Pre-chorus 2: D Dreaming of being a cowboy Em D Kenny, so goddamn tired Em D Feel like I'm held together with baling twine and wire C G There's a dance in Jesman Friday night C G There's a widow I'm hoping just might, C G Offer me a little company C G She's a hard one, so I don't think it'll come free Chorus 2:
A G DLately I've been thinking 'bout homee|-----------------2-|B|-----------------3-|G|-----------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0---0-0-2-0-|A|---------2---------|D|---------------0---|
A G DThe hills of England, where as a child I'd roame|-----------------2-|B|-----------------3-|G|-----------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0---0-0-2-0-|A|---------2---------|D|---------------0---|
A G DAnd lately I've been thinking 'bout homee|-------------------2-|B|-------------------3-|G|-------------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0-----------0-|A|---------4-2-0-------|D|---------------4-2-0-|
Verse 3: I never got to see my mom, before she died And I'd like to see just where they laid her bones Back to the rolling hills of Bristol Where ain't no one packs a pistol And a cowboy only rides in books Pre-chorus 3 (Same as pre-chorus 2): And boy, I'll tell some tales And Kenny, I wonder which one's home When you ain't sure anymore, you start to feel alone Just this restlessness, come creeping in Following me anywhere that lately I've been Like a heavy rain banging on the tin The salmon down on the Fraser, swimming with the battered fins Chorus 3:
Searching for their childhood homee|-----------------2-|B|-----------------3-|G|-----------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0---0-0-2-0-|A|---------2---------|D|---------------0---|
That patch of gravel they know is their owne|-----------------2-|B|-----------------3-|G|-----------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0---0-0-2-0-|A|---------2---------|D|---------------0---|
Lately I've been thinking 'bout homee|-----------------2-|B|-----------------3-|G|-----------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0---0-0-2-0-|A|---------2---------|D|---------------0---|
The hills of England, where as a child I'd roame|-----------------2-|B|-----------------3-|G|-----------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0---0-0-2-0-|A|---------2---------|D|---------------0---|
Lately I've been thinking 'bout homee|-------------------2-|B|-------------------3-|G|-------------------2-|D|-2h4-2-0-----------0-|A|---------4-2-0-------|D|---------------2b3-0-|
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