Bates – Poor Boy chords

			     POOR BOY - The Bates
Tabbed by: Dispo2000

B|-5-5--6--5--------|G|-5-5--5--5-5------| C - RiffD|-----------5------|
B|-12-12--13--12----|G|-12-12--12--12-12-| G - RiffD|---------------12-|
B|-10-10--11--10----|G|-10-10--10--10-10-| F - RiffD|---------------10-|
INTRO: (4x C Riff)
C GWhen I was born you know I couldn't speak and go
F GMy mother worked each day And she learned me to say
C GMother and father and son Sister and uncle are fun
F GAnd she learned me to say Life is so hard each day
Am CPoor Boy poor boy you must know
Am CPoor boy the life is a hard road
A# D#Poor boy poor boy you must say
C GLife is very hard to stay
OUTRO: (4x C Riff)
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