Bates – The End tab

INTRO(acoustic/clean, like the whole song): C

C              Em      Am             F
You're feeling lonely, you're feeling cold
C              Em     Am             F
You're looking awful, you're looking oh, oh old
C             Em        Am           F
Once you were handsome, once you had friends
C           Em    Am          F
But this is over, this is the end. Ba ba ba

CHORUS (play four times):
E      (slide to)F
                 Ba ba ba

C           Em           Am          F
I'm feeling lonely, too, I'm feeling cold
C           Em          Am          F
I'm looking awful, too, I'm looking oh, oh, old
C          Em        Am         F
Once I was handsome, once I had friends
C           Em    Am(one downstroke, then no guitar)
But this is over, THIS IS THE END. Ba ba ba

-repeat CHORUS

C - Em - Am - F     (two times)
End on C
... "Ja, war lustig, ne!"

CHORD CHART: Em F E Am Ce--0----1----0----0----0---|B--0----1----0----1----1---|G--0----2----1----2----0---|D--2----3----2----2----2---|A--2----3----2----0----3---|E--0----1----0----x----x---|
Got it ?!! It's not too difficult. Does anybody know the SOLO to Bad Religion's PUNK ROCK SONG?? I any tabs you send me. Greetings to North Idaho Punkrockers again, Heidhausen Hardcore Crew, Markus, Fichte, Kara, Matt D., Jesse K., all Bates Fans and anybody, I forgot.
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