Bell X1 – Tongue tab

Bell X1
Music In Mouth

best song on album...

this one's or you

standard tuningIntro|---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||-9--(9)---x-9--(9)---x-9--(9)---x-9--(9)---x-||-9b--7-77-x-9b--7-77-x-9b--7-77-x-9b--7-77-x-||-----0-00-x-----0-00-x-----0-00-x-----0-00-x-|
this also used...|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||-1212121211111111-9-9-9-911111111-||--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-||----------------------------------||----------------------------------|vary it a little
Em This one's for you, C This one's for me, Em This one's for you, C What must I be? Am Em I've got a nervous feeling, over you Am Em But who am I fooling, I like airline food Am I need to feel whole Em I need to feel young again Am I need to be bold Em And start using my tongue again Am They can laugh as they cry Em They can cut till I bleed Am C But I ain't losing Em C 'Cos this one's for me Em C Am This one's for me Em This one's for you, C This one's for me, Em This one's for you, for you, for you, C Tell me what the fuck must i do? I've got a nervous feeling, and its over you, Who am I fooling, i like airline food And now i need to feel whole, I need to feel young again, I need to be bold, Start using my tongue again They can laugh as I cry They can cut 'til I bleed, But I ain't losin', 'Cos this one's for me...
and you're done, peace out
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