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Bell X1 – Natalie chords

Bell X1

This is how I play it acoustic


C E F Ge-0---0---1---3-|B-1---0---1---0-|G-0---1---2---0-|D-2---2---3---0-|A-3---2-------2-|E-----0-------3-|
C/E/F/G is the progression for the whole song except the bridge C E F G
CNatalie always seemed to notice
EThese traces of our lives before this
F GBut Natalie always seemed to notice me
CShe said we must leave, uproot, erase this
EFor this is the kind of love that maims us
FAnd I won't be happy 'til
GSomebody looses an eye
C E FTell me, do you see me as a shadow
GIn the yawn of the evening?
CDon't leave me to those
EWho would believe me
FWhen I sell them
GKiss and tell them
C E F GNatalie
I'll have no truck with all of this madness I still see her arm thrown over his shoulder Like a noose But worn noose You say you want me to Stay here with yours And all those here who would Kill me and mine If I had a hatch, I'd batten it down Tell me, do you see me as a shadow In the yawn of the evening? Don't leave me to those Who would believe me When I sell them Kiss and tell them
F GHistory is written by the winners
F GYea this history is written by the winners
C E F GAnd I want my say
Repeat C/E/F/G until end Here lies Dobby, a free elf.
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