Stranger chords with lyrics by Ben Caplan - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ben Caplan – Stranger chords

                  Stranger – Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers

Tabbed by: cg10

Thanks to the cover of BurnedFrets on YouTube.

CmWhen I was a child
AbMy mother would tuck me into bed
Cm Ab FAnd each night as she kissed me
Eb G CmThese are the words that she said
She said
CmDon’t go to bed with strangers
AbDon’t play with the dead
Cm Ab FAlways keep your wits sharp
Eb G CmLike an axe inside the shed
Cm-Cm-Cm-Cm-Ab-Cm-Ab-Cm-Ab-G-Eb-CmYay diridi....
CmWhen I was just a schoolboy
AbMy father he spoke unto me
Cm AbHe said boychick my son
F EbDon't trust anyone
G CmAnd remember that nothing is free
CmAnd the world is full of strangers
AbThe world is full of dread
Cm Ab F EbThe world is full of sharpened wits
G CmAnd millions of tears you will shed
Cm-Cm-Cm-Cm-Ab-Cm-Ab-Cm-Ab-G-Eb-CmYay diridi....
CmWell, when I was a young man
Ab GMy professor at university
GSaid advice is corrupting
CmDon't ever be trusting
GDon't show your emotion
CmHuman suffering is an ocean
Ab G CmAnd it's dark at the bottom of the sea
CmAnd there's no such thing as a stranger
AbWe’re all equally backwards and wrong
Cm AbSharpen axes not wits,
F EbBones are broken by sticks
G CmAnd you’ll never be free till you're strong
Cm-Cm-Cm-Cm-Ab-Cm-Ab-Cm-Ab-G-Eb-CmYay diridi...
GWell, young man grow older
CmAnd the world gets colder
Ab GThough it never was warm to begin
GDon't let down your guard
CmFor the reaper works hard
Ab G CmAnd it will not take pause till you’re dead
CmNow I'm old and I'm rusty
Ab Cm AbMy troubles like sand on the beach
Cm AbThey can't be calculated
F EbI always have waited
G CmFor something just out of reach
CmAnd I to myself am a stranger
AbMy heart is of iron and lead
Cm AbMy world is resounding
Cm AbWith miseries abounding
G CmThere’s only one thing to be said
Cm-Cm-Cm-Cm-Ab-Cm-Ab-Cm-Ab-G-Eb-CmI'll say
Yay diridi...
Cm AbYay dilidi day dilididay Yay dilidi day dayday
Cm Ab Cm CmDiliday dayday Dilidi daydayday
G Eb CmDayday dayday dayday
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