Suzie Blue chords with lyrics by Ben Harper - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ben Harper – Suzie Blue chords

Helpful hints:
Put the capo wherever works with your voice. I put it on 3rd fret then use normal open 
chords for most of this song.
  The exceptions are two bar chords for the G# - G part (Far away...) with the different 
strum pattern use a Bar-chord 4 frets up from your capo.

Where I say (B note) it is the second fret up from your capo on the A string to make 
that nice move to the A7.  You can leave your fingers in the open C-shape(or Am) and just 
move the finger to touch on that B and then strum once.

In the first line that G chord is just a pluck on the root note and then one strum 
down+up then E note. You can leave it out if you want.

**I Capitalized the letter of each Word when the chord changes on that word.

Suzie Blue by Ben Harper
Tabbed by RyanPatrick

E Am GWon't you sing me the Blues
E Am (B-note)Won't you sing me the Blues
C E Am FSing me Something My heart can Use
C Am G CMisery Loves a Sympho-Ny
G# GDoes your Face your pretty Face
C (B note) A7Get lost in a Crowd
G# GAnd you Say no one's There to hear you
C (B note) A7Cry out Loud
Fwhat will you Do,
G CSuzie Blue
E AmWhere did you learn to do that so Well
E Am (B Note)Where did you learn to do that so Well
C E Am FI guess That would Be like kiss and Tell
C Am G Cif it's a Secret, Why did You show Me
G# Gbut your Far a-Way from the
C (B note) A7Love you used to Hold
G# Gdon't Sit and Watch your
C (B note) A7Self Grow Old
FThe day is New,
G C (B note) A7Suzie Blue
FThe day is new,
G CSuzie Blue
E Am GReal life has let you Down
E Am (B note)Real life has let you down
C E Am FSomeone Stripped the Shoes from your Ground
C Am G CEverybody Owes someBody Something
G# G C (B note) A7Kisses from Heaven In Your Arms
G# Gand we'll Make love to the Memories
C (B note) A7 Fthey will Al-Ways see us Through,
G C (walking B note to A7)Suzie Blue
Fthe day is New,
G C (B note to A7)Suzie Blue
Fthe day is New,
G CSuzie Blue
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