Between The Trees – Changed By You chords

This is a great song and I figured I'd help anyone else that wants to play
it. I am tabbing this from knowing how to play it on piano, but I play
guitar too and it should transfer well. Im really sorry for not putting it
with the lyrics. But, I feel lazy at the moment. :)

For those playing this on piano, or want to on guitar, the notes in the
parenthesis are the single note riffs played after the chords and vary
throughout, but are normally similar to what I put.

Into and Verse:
Bm (A), Dsus2 (E,F#), Gmaj7 (A), Asus4 (D,C#) 
Bm (A), F#m, Gmaj7, G6

Chorus (you can use the same chords as above if you want. The basic chords are:
Bm, D, G, A
Bm, F#m, then F#m, G

Em, F#m, G, F#m
Em, F#m, G
Bm, A, G
Bm, A, G, A 

Song structure:
Verse (x3)
Chorus (x2)
Verse (x2)
Chorus (x2)
Bridge (x1)
Chorus (x4)
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