Between The Trees – You Give Me Hope chords

Song : You Give Me Hope
Artist : Ryan Kirkland [formerly Between The Trees, who are soon to split up :( ]

Chords Used : E 079900
              E/C# 979900
              E/B 779900
              E/A 579900 OR x09900

E E/C#I look at your smiling face,
E E/C#You're so weak and yet you have such strength
E E/C#You take a glance around this place,
E E/C#And you make the best of everything,
E E/BYou give me hope in-spite of everything.
E/C# E/A You show me love even with so much pain.
E E/B E/C#So I'll take this life and live like I was given another try.
VERSE TWO: Same chords as Verse One We laugh, we cry. Sometimes we're broken and we don't know why. And I'm tired and I lose my way. You help me find faith, oh. *CHORUS x2*
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