Billy Bragg – The Man In The Iron Mask tab

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Billy Bragg's "The Man in the Iron Mask". pretty correct as far as I can
tell but I'm sitting here in the dark with my 12-string, which is no fun
to pick on, and no cd player... so.

intro/verses: (much easier to play this C| in position I but you lose the slide)Am7 F C G C Em7 Em Am----------0-1-0---0--------------------------------------|----------------1---------0---------------0--------------|-------0----2-0--------------------5-----------------0---|----2-----------------------------------0---------2------|-0----------------------2---2----7---\2--------2-------0-|--------------------3-3-------\8------------0------------| will not say who..that
Am Em Am Am7-------------------------------|-1-1p0-----------0-----0h1p0---|-2-1p0-------------2-2-------0-|-------h2-------2--2-2---------|--------------2----------------|-----------0-------------------| who so quickly...
When he drops you off I will not say Who was that who so quickly drove away The things you've done and the places you've been When I open the door for you I will not let them in As long as you come back to me I will never ask For you I will be the man in the iron mask
then this bridge part:(octaves optional-not sure if they belong or not but I like them) C G Em C G Em E7----------------------------------------------0-------|----0--1---1------0--------------1----0-------0-------|-2---------0------0--------------0----0-------1-------|---------2-----------2-----------2-------2----0-------|-0--2--3--------2----2-2.......2----2----2----2-----2-|--------------3------0-0.......0---3-----0----0-------| ^ ^ ^ ^Listen to the record... Hit the C, G, hard where indicated... The first Emmute E&A and go at it for an extra beat before the C. The second time letthe Em ring, then strum the E7 slowly, hit the B, and back into the verse.
You said you loved me and it broke my heart I was always your prisoner right from the start The nights you spend without me this house is like a dungeon And you only return to torture me more You must have your reasons, I will not ask For you I will be the man in the iron mask It ends with a variation of the verse, mostly playing an arpeggiated Em with those little Am things... the last chord is an A (major) on the B&G (or maybe B&D) strings.
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