Blue Oyster Cult – Red And The Black tab

         D            C        E5      D5      C5       A5      B5/A
      xx0232       x32010    x7999x  x5777   x3555x   x0333x   x0000x

Mad strumming D for opening, changes to madly strumming a C Chord

Annoying "get stuck in your head" type riff--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|------3--------------------3----------|-0--0---0--0-0---------0--------etc.--|----------------3-h4-5----------------|No Chord through verses, just annoying riff.
Chorus:"It's allirght" xxDxxDxxDxxDxx Annoying riff again xxDxxDxxDxxDxx E5 D5 C5 A5 B5/A A5 C5 D5 E5 x=palm mut
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