Blue Oyster Cult – In Thee tab

			   IN THEE - Blue Oyster Cult

Tabbed by: Anne Drury
Date: September 13, 2005

Written by: A. Lanier
CD: "Mirrors"   (1979, Columbia Records)


^...bend   (w=whole step)
h...hammer on
r...release bend
/...slide up
\...slide down
x...dead note
=...hold note

-Tuning: Standard
-strum pattern is shown for Intro & Verses (same for both): d=down, u=up
-chords are written in for only one verse (to avoid tab looking cluttered),
but chords are the same for all verses
-for harmonics, fret the note indicated, then play harmonic an octave (12
frets) up from that note
-I don't know the name of the second to last chord in the Chorus - I 
put the notes (F,B,D) into a chord finder and it came out as 
F flat5 6th (no 3rd), so that's what I'll call it. It's played like this:
-bar lines indicate measures of 4/4 time
-song is in A Major, except for guitar solo section which is in D (solo
is in D Major)


   A          A   E | D          E
   d  u d d   d   d | d  u d d   d u d d

A A E D E E ---------------------| B ---------------------| G ---------------<2>---| D ----------<2>--------| A --0------------------| E ---------------------|
1ST VERSE: A A E D E A A E D E Maybe I'll see you again, baby, and maybe I won't A A E D E A A E D E Maybe you've bought your ticket, gone back to Detroit A D C#7 F#m Airplanes make strangers of us all Bsus4 B Give us distance E A D Much too easily
E (Jim says...) E ----------------------|------------------------|------ B ----------------------|------------------------|------ G -----------9----------|------------------------|------ D ----(9)/11---(11)\9---|---------9--------------|------ A ----------------------|--(9)/11---11\9--7---7\-|--0--- E ----------------------|------------------------|------
Jim says some destinies should not be delivered G ---------------<2>---| D ----------<2>--------| A ---------------------|
But you and I seen now, baby, that still they are Winning it makes losers of us all 'Cause the dice roll So indifferently CHORUS:
Well, I'll wrap myself in cities I travel D E Esus4 E E -----------------|---------------|----------------| B -----------------|---------------|----------------| G -----------------|---------------|----------------| D ---------2-------|---------------|----------------| A -----0-2-----0-2-|-5~------------|-7~-------------| E ---4-------4-----|---------------|----------------|
I'll wrap myself in dreams D E Esus4 E E ---------------|---------------| B ---------------|---------------| G ---------------|---------------| D ---------------|---------------| A -5~------------|-7~------------| E ---------------|---------------|
I'll wrap myself in solitude, But I D E Esus4 E E ---------------|---------------| B ---------------|---------------| G ---------------|---------------| D ---------------|---------------| A -5~------------|-7~------------| E ---------------|---------------|
wish I could wrap myself In thee D (E) Fb5 6 (no3) A E ------------|--------------|-------------| B ------------|----6/10------|-------------| G ------------|--------------|-------2-----| D ------------|--------------|-------------| A -5----7-----|-8------------|-0-----------| E ------------|--------------|-------------|
E --------------------| B --------------------| G --------------------| D ----2h4-2-----------| A -----------4p2p0-0--| E --------------------|
Tonight it's hot, without you tomorrow'll be cold G ---------------<2>---| D ----------<2>--------| A ---------------------|
Winter will come along, driven by snow B --------------|----------------| G -----------2--|-----4^wr--2-2--| D ---2--2h4-----|----------------|
Love it makes strangers of us all When we part Oh, so thoughtlessly
E ----------------------| B ----------------------| G ---------------3^w-3--| D -------0-4-2p0--------| A ---0-2----------------| E ----------------------|
E -----| B -----| G -7---| D ---9-| A -----| E -----|
|-----------------|-------------|-------------12-10=|=--7h10p7--------10-||-------------7---|-----10^wr-8-|-7h8h10-------x----|----------10--------||-7-7----7~-----7=|=------------|--------7~----x----|-------------7~-----||------9----------|-------------|-------------------|--------------------||-----------------|-------------|-------------------|--------------------||-----------------|-------------|-------------------|--------------------| [rake]
D A Bb
Bm E
Once we breathed the breath of sweet surrender Pure, pure Arab air filled our atmosphere B ------------------|---------------| G -------4^wr-2-----|---------------| D --------------4p2-|---------------| A ------------------|-0-------------|
But pride it makes stars of us all Until we fall For everyone to see
E -------------------| B -----------3-------| G -------------------| D -0--4p2p0----0--4--| A -------------------| E -------------------|
( thee) E --------|---------------------0h2p0---|--------------| B --------|---------------------------3-|--------------| G --------|---2-x-2------2--------------|-2~-----------| D --------|----------4p2---4p2----------|--------------| A --------|-----------------------------|--------------| E --------|-----------------------------|--------------|
Repeat CHORUS A A E D Fb5 6th (no3) A --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This file is the transcriber's own work and represents their interpretation of the song.)
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