Blue Rodeo - Bad Timing tab

Bad timing							Blue rodeo

E - D - E - A

Verse 1
Hey its me what a big surprise
D                                            A
Calling you up from a restaurant around the bend
I just got in from way up north
D                                            A
I'm aching and tired now, and I could use a friend
                C#m                 D
I might be a fool to think that you do
Want to see me again

Verse 2

It's been a while since I talked to you
Nothing wrong, just nothing ever goes as planned
Many times I thought I'd call
I didn't have your number in my hand
I know it's true, you'd never do
The same thing to me

Chorus :
I never meant to make you cry
And thought I know I shouldn't call
It just reminds us of the cost
Of everything we've lost
Bad timing that's all
Mayebe soon there'll come a day
When no more tears will fall
If we each forgive a little bit
And we both look back on it
As just bad timing that's all

D - A - D - A - C#m - D - E

Verse 3

We used to have so many plans
Something always seemed to turn out wrong
I never could catch up to you
Moving on and doing what you've done
I don't know why, the harder I try
The harder it comes

REPET Chorus 

We each forgive a little bit
When we both look back on it
Just bad timing that's all

by Oscar Caņadas.  
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