Bluey Robinson – Coming Back chords

The song called "Coming Back" from "Bluey Robinson". Tabbed by ear.
Capo 3 (Third)fred.

AmWould you wait for me
C It wont be long
GI am not trying to be free
D AmIm tryna free us both from a situation
Cthats going wrong
GCause we got nothing,
Dnothing to live on
Am CAll I gots this music
G DIts not between you and this guitar
Am C G DAll I wanna do is use it to get us far from where we are
Am7 CAnd girl I know the look I can see it in your eyes
G DScared of losing me to the city lights
Am7 CWhats gonna happen when my star is shining bright
G D AmFirst thing Im gonna do, Im coming back for you
C GYeah, Im coming back for you
D AmOh girl Im coming back for you
C G DYou know Im coming back for you ---- Wóóhh
And it keeps going on like this, thank you all !! This was my very first tab hope you all liked it!!
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