Showgirl chords with lyrics by Bluey Robinson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bluey Robinson – Showgirl chords

By chrisdb94

An easier and simpler way to play Showgirl. Easier to learn and sing along to.


D:      x-x-0-2-3-2-|
Dsus:   x-x-0-0-3-3-|
Em:     0-2-2-0-3-3-|
Cadd9:  0-3-2-0-3-3-|

Notes: Before playing 'D', hammer on G and e string on 2nd fret. Also, strum Dsus 
downwards only  when changing over to other chords.
h=hammer on

H-D Dsus Emhd-u--d--d------d
Oh so incredible,
Em Dsus Cadd9d--------d-------d----Love the way you roll,
Cadd9 Dsus Cadd9 Dsus Em H-Dd-----------d-------d-----d----d---------hd--Straight up on your toes, ohh ohh ohh ohh
On last 'ohh', repeat hammer on D and then the rest. Repeat through the rest of the song and strum however you feel suits you. I usually add a faster strumming pattern to suit the speed of the song. Like I said, simple and easy. Enjoy.
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