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Bo Burnham – Sunday School chords

Sunday School, by Bo Bhurnham

A D E G (no barre chords needed)You only need to use your pinky and ring finger when playing the G chord,
since you don't ever play the low E string or the A string. Plucking: All you need to do is pluck the D string (4th string) with your thumb then pluck the last three strings with your index, middle, and ring finger to each of the chords throughout the whole song. You might want to look up the song just to get the rhythm down. This is the URL to the video I looked at to write this tab. You can see the chords and the pluck-pattern in this video. Have fun. Intro: A D A E x2
A D A E A DDid you know that Jesus died on the cross
A E A D A EJust to keep you from masturbating
A D A E A DAnd did you know that prior to nineteen sixty
A E A D A E A D A Ehe frowned on interracial dating.
G D A EWell my name is Bobby Johnson
G D A Eand I teach about Gods loving wrath
G D A EAnd though I try to live by the bible and what it says
Gx4 Ax3 I think I might have stumbled from the path
G A Dx2Because I'm gay for Jesus
G A Dx2creator of all good
G A Dx2He's a charitable carpenter
G A Dx2that's why hes given me wood
G A Dx2Im gay for Jesus
G A Dx2let the people rejoice
G A DBut its not about lust, I don't wanna to nail him
G A Dx2 that was a poor word choice
A D A E A DDid you know that Satan wears a cape
A E A D A E A D A Emade out of a rainbow flag
A D A E A DAnd did you know that Jesus hates abortions
A E A D A E A D A Eunless the kid was a ff...... Jew!
G D A EWell I try to live by the bible
G D A Ebut it tells me that my thoughts aren't right.
G D A EBut those particular pages might be stuck together
Gx4 Ax3 from the little bit of sinning I did last night
G A Dx2Because they told me to love Jesus
G A Dx2I chose an alternative route
G A Dx2Well I so sad when he was in that cave
G A Dx2but I was thrilled when he came out
G A Dx2Well Im gay for Jesus
G A Dx2fill me with your grace
G A Dx2I said pour your love all over me
G A D A D (last 3 chords go quick)but please aim away from my face.
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