Bo Burnham – Oh My God Song From The Perspective Of God chords

This is Bo Burnham's "song from the perspective of God." Genius comic. Really 
brilliant stuff. Don't let the way I've distributed the chords to the lyrics 
confuse you. It's a simple song in 4/4 with no weird tempo or time signature 
changes. Only a key change after the last refrain. Excluding the refrain, each 
chord gets one bar (four beats) and there's a lot of repetition. It's not hard to 
figure out. Also note that there are a couple versions of this song so far. This 
transcription is based on what I'm pretty sure is the latest and probably complete version.

Intro (slower):
E A C#m B

Verse 1 (up to tempo):
E A C#m BI've never written a book in my life
E A'Cause your tiny brains would never get it.
C#m B AMe compared to Shakespeare's like Shakespeare compared to Shakespeare's wife.
BI gave you everything, but
E C#mI gave you simple minds so you made simple things.
A BI gave you healthy birds, you made chicken wings.
E C#mI gave you nipples, you made nipple rings.
E AYou're not going to heaven.
C#m BWhy would you ever think I'd ever hang out with you?
E AYou're all dicks, I don't need you.
C#m B A BI know a million aliens cooler than you.
So, fuck you. Refrain: Here, the first two chords get four beats, but the G#m gets eight.
E C#m G#mOh my, I said, oh my, God.
E C#m G#mOh my, oh my, God.
E C#mI'm not gonna fix you.
G#mI'm not gonna fix you.
E C#m G#mI said oh my, oh my, God.
Verse 2:
E A C#m BPeople give me money, but I don't know why.
E A C#m B A'Cause my real collection plate is an empty cup held by a homeless guy.
B E C#m AI made every girl different, and they're all perfect just the way they are.
B E C#mPeople tell them different, and people are smart.
EI just made the stars.
AYou think you know beauty and love.
C#m BTrust me, you don't; I'm the one who created them.
E A C#m BYou're overpopulated, so I slaved for days making gays and you ended up hating them.
A BFuck youuuu!
[Repeat refrain] Bridge: Same chords as the refrain, just in a different rhythm. E C#m G#m x4
E C#m Eb G#mI created many beings, but you're the strangest that I've ever met.
E C#m Eb G#mYou think that you're my children, but you're more like an annoying pet.
E C#m Eb G#mThe Messiah made the people wonder heavenly whether he's me,
E C#m Eb G#mBut I'm not into saving people who might nail me to a fucking tree.
E C#mYou're all angry, crying, sad, and lost.
Eb G#mYou worship power and wealth.
E C#m EbThe more that I watch you, the less I believe in myself.
Refrain: This refrain ends a bit differently for the launch into the key change.
E C#m G#mOh my, I said, oh my, God.
E C#m G#mOh my, oh my, God.
E C#mI'm not gonna fix you.
G#mI'm not gonna fix you.
E C#m A BI said oh my, oh my, God.
Verse 3:
F# B Ebm C#You're looking for answers that won't be found, no.
F# B Ebm C#How many answers can a raindrop find before it hits the ground?
F# BYou think I kill you people.
Ebm C# F#You ask me 'Why?' when a child dies.
B Ebm C# F#Why would I kill someone when a hundred years passes when I blink my eyes?
B Ebm C# F# This is actually my first UG submission, so I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks!
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