Bob Schneider – The Long Black Road tab

ARTIST: Bob Schneider & Mitch Watkins
 TITLE: "The Long Black Road"
 ALBUM: "Underneath The Onion Trees"

~Transcribed by Connor Roberts

ORDER: Intro, Verse 1, Interlude 1, Verse 2, Interlude 2, Verse 3, Interlude 2, Interlude 2

CHORDS: G C F#4 Bb4 G4 A7sus4 D2e--3-- --3-- --6-- --10-- --7-- --3-- --3--B--3-- --3-- --6-- --10-- --7-- --3-- --3--G--0-- --0-- --0-- ---0-- --0-- --0-- --0--D--0-- --2-- --0-- ---0-- --0-- --0-- --0--A--2-- --3-- --5-- ---9-- --6-- --0-- --0--E--3-- --x-- --6-- --10-- --7-- --0-- --2--
INTRO: G, C, G, G (x2) VERSE PROGRESSION: G C G C G There's a big black heart, in a big black hole C G C G In a big black box, a the bottom, of the big black sea F#4 G F#4 G And there's a long black road ahead A7sus4, D2 (Intro Riff, then Interlude #) Waiting for me... INTERLUDE 1: (used after verse 1) G, C, G, G G, C, G, G F#4, G, F#4, G A7sus4, D2, G (play all lines again, then go to 2nd verse) INTERLUDE 2: (used after verses 2 & 3 and also repeated for ending) G, C, G, G G, C, G, G F#4, G, Bb4, G4 A7sus4, D2, G (play all lines again, then go to 3rd verse -or- repeat 2 more times for ending and fade out)
PICKING PROGRESSION: (example of where to finger for each chord during song) For "C" Only For "G"/"A7sus4"/"D2" For "F#4"/"Bb4"/"G4"e-------x--------||----------x----------||----x-----x-----------||B--x-------x-----||----x--------x-------||-------------x--------||G----x--------x--||----x--x--------x----||----------------------||D----------------||---------------------||----------------------||A--x-------------||---------------------||----------------------||E----------------||----x----------------||----x--x--------------||
NOTES: *For the intro and first two lines of the verses and interludes, you are NOT going to play: G, C, G, C, but it is G, C, G, not play a second "C" in there, there is only 1 "C" note in that progression, it does not alternate back to "C" again on the 4th note, just G, C, G, G (you may want to try a variation on the finger picking in the last G to kind of give and audible cue as to an end to the riff, or moving on to the verses, etc...) *Although this is played on two guitars, it is written this way for one guitar...the notes: "F#4", "Bb4", "G4", and "A7sus4" are all played by the second guitar whenever applicable in the song, while the first guitar keeps playing the intro riff...but since both parts are so minor I combined them, because this song can be played on one guitar, and still sound great. *Even though the song fades out, I like playing the end gradually slowing down interlude 2 the final repetition, and ending with one downward strum on the G chord after picking the last G; just a thought to make the end sound good while not ending too abruptly.
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