Bon Iver – For Emma chords ver. 2

C/G (332010)
F7/C (x33210)

Intro- C/G	Em (repeat x2)

C/G EmSo Apropos...
...Saw death on a sunny
C/Gsnow. For every
F7/Clife. Forgoe the
C/Gparable. Seek the
F7/Clight. My knees are
Em C/G EmRunning home, running home, running home, runniiing hoooome.
C/G EmGo find another lover...
To bring a, to string
C/Galong. With all your
F7/Clies, still very
C/Glovable, I toured the
F7/Glight. So many
C/G Emforeign roads...
C/G EmFor Emma, foreeever ago.
C/G Em
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