Bon Iver – For Emma chords ver. 3

This is a tab for the song for emma off the album for emma, forever ago. I'm not 
sure how many guitar players he has to play this song with him or if it's just 
solo, but I'm using two guitar parts. 

Guitar 1 is playing some basic chords

C Em F C 2x 

then this..

Em CSo apropos:
Em CSaw death on a sunny snow
F"For every life..."
C"Forgoe the parable."
F "Seek the light."
C"...My knees are cold."
Em F C(Running home, running home, running home, running home...)
Em C"Go find another lover;
Em CTo bring a... to string along!"
F"With all your lies,
CYou're still very lovable."
F C Em C "I toured the light; so many foreign roads for Emma, forever ago."
Guitar 2 play this in the beginning over the strumming of guitar 1. Listen to the song to figure out the timing and strumming patterns.
I used a previously existing tab from Mr.Cheeks for the chords and lyrics, other than that i did the picking part of Guitar 2 by ear. Hope you enjoy. ................taylorabela
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