Bon Iver – Blood Bank chords ver. 3

Obviously this is an acoustic rendition and isn't the way Justin plays it, but 
sometimes you just can't be bothered to retune. This is for those occasions.

I play with the Capo on the 4th fret with standard tuning. Obviously change the 
capo position depending on your voice if needed.
Strum pattern is very simple. If you're a beginner and are having some problems 
then I'd recommend persevering and listening to the song over and over 
(fortunately it's a great song!). 
If you become dependent on strum patterns then you won't develop your ear or rhythmic abilities.

Any questions, appraisals or death threats then write to

By the way, check out Anna Scouten's cover. 'tis incredible!

Hope it's correct and you all enjoy my first ever tab!

These are the chord positions used:
Em7      - (022033)
Dsus4    - (xx0233)
Cadd9    - (x32033)
G        - (320033)
Dsus4/F# - (2x0233)

Remember - Capo on the 4th!

Em7 Dsus4Well I met you at the blood bank
Cadd9We were looking at the bags
Em7 Dsus4Wondering if any of the colours
Cadd9 Matched any of the names we knew on the tags
GYou said: "see look that's yours"
Dsus4/F# Stacked on top with your brothers
Em7 See how they resemble one another?
Cadd9 Even in their plastic little covers
Cadd9 Em7 Dsus4And I said I...... know it well........
G That secret that you know
Dsus4/F# That you don't know how to tell
G It f**ks with your honour
Dsus4/F#And it teases your head
Em7 But you know that it's good girl
Cadd9 'cause its running you with red.
Em7 Dsus4Then the snow started falling
Cadd9We were stuck out in your car
Em7 Dsus4You were rubbing both my hands
Cadd9Chewing on a candy bar
GYou said: "ain't this just like the present"
Dsus4/F#To be showing up like this
Em7There's a moon waning crescent
Cadd9We started to kiss
Cadd9 Em7 Dsus4And I said I...... know it well........
GThat secret that we know
Dsus4/F#That we don't know how to tell
GI'm in love with your honour
Dsus4/F#I'm in love with your cheeks
Em7What's that noise up the stairs babe?
Cadd9Is that Christmas morning?
Cadd9 Em7 Dsus4And I...... know it well........ (Repeat and fade 'til heart's content)
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