Bon Iver – Blood Bank tab

        Artist: Bon Iver
          Song: Blood Bank
         Album: Blood Bank
Transcribed by: Kevin Billingslea
   Transcribed: 03/24/2009

No one had this song exactly correct, and I won't say this one is. 
But it's a few steps closer than the other ones I've found. I know 
Justin is a fan of open tunings so I took that along with watching 
any live video of him I could playing this song. This is what I got. 
It's probably not identical to how he plays it but it's close.

Tuning: D  G# C  G  G  D

The song only encompasses these four basic chords.
Not all the open notes need to be hit with every strum,
it's mostly there to just expand upon feeling as
the song progresses, play around with it.

E D C G|--0---0---0---0--||--0---0---0---0--||--0---0---0---0--||--4---6---4---7--||--3---6---4---6--||--2---0---X---5--|
Intro: E D C-- x4 E D C Well I met you at the blood bank, we were looking at the bags. E D C Wondering if any of the colors matched any of the names we knew on the tags. G D You said, 'See look! That's yours, stacked on top with your brothers, E C See how they resemble one another? Even in their plastic little covers?' C E D And I said, 'I know it well..' G D That secret that you know, that you don't know how tell: G D It fucks with your honor, and it teases your head. E C But you know that it's good girl, cause it's running you with red. E D C Then the snow started falling, we were stuck out in your car. E D C You were rubbing both my hands, and chewing on a candy bar. G D You said, 'Ain't this just like the present, to be showing up like this?' E C As the moon waned to crescent, we started to kiss. C E D And I said, 'I know it well..' G D That secret that we know, that we don't know how to tell. G D I'm in love with your honor, I'm in love with your cheek. E C What's that noise up the stairs babe? Is that christmas morning? C E D And I said, 'I know it well..' C E D I know it well.. -repeat as long as desired-
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