Bon Iver – Blood Bank chords ver. 4

Blood Bank - Bon Iver
Standard tuning
E A D G B e

I think a lot of tabs are missing the strumming pattern. The pattern through out 
this whole song is D D D U D U. When strumming,
try to hit mostly the lower strings. This gives it a deeper sound.

Em7: O22O3OO
D/F#: 2OO23O
C/G: 332O1O
G: 32OO3X

Intro: Em7, D/F#, C/G, C/G (X4)A different progression starts when he says "See look it..."
You start with G, G, D/F#, D/F#, Em7, Em7, and C/G C/G. This means that the pattern is played twice because I repeated the chord. I know I may not
have shown that in the tab, but you do play them twice during that part. In the song, he kind of fades out with the second C/G, so do whatever sounds nice. This is the same progression when he says "You said 'ain't this just like...'" Em7 Well, I met you at the blood bank. D/F#
C/G C/GWe were looking at the bags
Em7 D/F#Wondering if any of the colors
C/G C/GMatched any of the names we knew on the tags.
G D/F#You said "See, look it! That's yours stacked on top
Em7with your brothers. See how they resemeble one anothers?
C/G C/GEven in their plastic little covers."
(In this next chorus-like part, you only strum the chords once until you get to the next verse). And I said "I know it well." Em7 D/F#
GThat secret that you know.
D/F#That you don't know how to tell.
GIt fucks with your honor.
D/F#And it teases your head,
Em7but you know that it's good, girl.
C/G'Cause it's runnin' you with red.
(After this, I usually just lightly strum over the C/G to make some noise). Em7 Then the snow started fallin'. D/F#
C/G C/GWe were stuck out in your car.
Em7 D/F#You were rubbing both my hands,
C/Gchewing on a candy bar.
GYou said "ain't this just like the present,
D/F#to be showing up like this?"
Em7As the moon waned to crescent,
C/GWe started to kiss.
And I said "I know it well..." Em7 D/F# (For this second chorus-like part, he uses the same chord progression as the other one, but he uses the same strumming patter as in the rest of the song. So, G, G, D/F#, D/F#, Em7, Em7, C/G, C/G).
GIt's that secret that we know.
D/F#That we don't know how to tell.
GI'm in love with your honor.
D/F#I'm in love with you cheeks.
Em7What's that noise up the stairs, babe?
C/GIs that Christmas morning creeks?
And I said "I know it well..." Em7 D/F# Then you can just do the same as the intro unti the song fades. I really hope this tab helps. I tried hard to make everything clear. If you don't know a part, try listening to the song and it should guide you.
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