Bon Iver – Perth tab ver. 11

Artist: Bon Iver
Song: Perth
Album: Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011)
tabbed by: necriononguitar
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Tuning (low to high): EBD#F#BE

Capo 4 (chords/notes are relative to the capo!)

. = Palm-Muted
~ = hold note
^ = vibrate
p = pull off
h = hammer on
/ = slide up
\ = slide down
x = mute

Check this great VIDEO TUTORIAL:

I used the old tabs to learn the basics but many of those were missing some
Check your tuning, add the capo and try this picking.
The 3 on the D# is a basic note and not necessarily needed on every chord,
it just adds a full sound. :)
The dissonances are most important, so focus on hitting those 2 primarly.
I believe there is much space for interpretation in this song, especially
towards the end. But this is just to get people started.

Intro/Main Riff: (put emphasis on the bass note, not the B)E----------------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------0~-------------------0~----------|F#---------------2~---------------2h4~----4-------------4~-------------|D#-------------3~---(3)-----------3~--------------------3~-------------|B----0~-----------------0~---------------------0~----------------------|E----0~---(0)-----------2~---(2)---------------4~---(4)---------4~-----|
E--------0~------------- -----------0~----------------| I’d suggest theB----2h4~---4p2p0~------ ----(2h)4b~--r4p2p0----------| first one, althoughF#----------------------o-----------------------------| he seems to bendD#----------------------r----hit B just once----------| when he plays itB----------------------- ----hold the note------------| live. Try bendingE----------------------- -----------------------------| during the bridge.
Justin repeats this riff 4 times. At the forth time, skip the bendy last riff and instead keep playing the chord. Repeat and keep it simple and quite as the background vocals start. „I’m tearin’ up“ is when the guitar stops. Re-enter with the last riff of the intro at „Still alive for you, love“ and proceed with the main riff.
Now what I find interesting during the chorus is the third (or tierce) onthe last riff. This matches it properly in my opinion:E---------4~----------- -----------4~----------------|B----5h7~----7p5p4~---- ----(5h)7b~--r7p5p4~---------|F#---------------------o-----------------------------|D#---------------------r-----------------------------|B---------------------- -----------------------------|E---------------------- -----------------------------|
Now lets get to the bridge or middle 8 or interlude, whatever:E----0-0---0-0--0--0~---------------------------------|B----x-x---x-x--x--x-------0-0---0-0--0--0~-----------|F#---9-9---9-9--9--9~------4-4---4-4--4--4~-----------|D#---1010--1010-10-10~-----5-5---5-5--5--5~-----------|B----9-9---9-9—-9--9~------4-4---4-4--4--4~-----------|E----9-9---9-9--9--9~------4-4---4-4--4--4~-----------| d u d u d u d u d u d u
E--------------------------------------------------------|B----0-0---0-0--0--0~--\---------------------------------|F#---9-9---9-9--9--9~--\---4~--2~----------0-2~----------|D#---8-8---8-8--8--8~--\---3~--3~------1~----------------|B----7-7---7-7--7--7~--\---2~--2~------0~----------------|E----7-7---7-7--7--7~--\---2~--2~------0~----------------| d u d u d u
Repeat this 4 times. During the last, continue with the main riffwhen you get to the E. Play it twice.Then play this for the outro:E----0--0--0~----------------------------------------------------------|B----x--x--x------0-0-0~--------0-0-0~----------------------0~---------|F#---9--9--9~-----4-4-4~--------9-9-9~-----4-4-4~--2~------2~----------|D#---10-10-10~----5-5-5~--------8-8-8~-----3-3-3~--3~-----1~-----------|B----9--9--9~-----4-4-4~--------7-7-7~-----2-2-2~--2~----0~------------|E----9--9--9~-----4-4-4~--------7-7-7~-----2-2-2~--2~---0~-------------|
And that’s it! Please rate, comment and correct me! Cheers...
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