Bon Iver – Perth tab ver. 6

Bon Iver, "Perth"
Tab by bsw111 on

I know that Justin Vernon tweeted this on June 1, 2011:

blobtower Justin D.E. Vernon
EBD#F#BE im pretty sure "@jackmilas: @blobtower what tuning is Perth in? :)"
1 Jun

And I realize that this is a very authoritative source. However, I personally
cannot figure out how to get Perth's guitar part out of this tuning, no matter
where I put a capo (it can be done though, jameseades posted a tab of Perth
using this tuning - I think that the recording sounds different from this
though, more relaxed).

This tuning and this guitar part sound to me like what's being played on the

Tuning (open D9):    Capo fifth fret:

d                    g
a                    d
F#                   B
E                    A
A                    D
D                    G

It's possible that Justin Vernon meant to say this in his tweet (he suggests
that he's not totally sure that EBD#F#BE is the right tuning):

Tuning (open E9):    Capo third fret:

e                    g
b                    d
G#                   B
F#                   A
B                    D
E                    G

But I think open D9 will result in fewer broken strings.

Fingerings are relative to capo. Let almost all notes ring.

Main part:

g ---------------------------------------------------0------------|d -----------------------0---------------0-----------2h4h5p4p2p0--|B ---------0-------------0h2h3-2-------2--------------------------|A ---------0h2-----------0-------------0--------------------------|D --0------0------x--------------------0--------------------------|G --0------0------2-------------4------4--------------------------|
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Variation on main part:
g -------------------------------------------------------------|d --0-------------0-------------0--------------------0----0-0--|B --0-------------2-------------3--------------------2----2p0--|A --0-------------0-------------0--------------------0----0-0--|D --0-------------0-------------0--------------------0----0-0--|G --0-------------2-------------4--------------------2----2p0--|
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 Loud part (starting at 2:32, rhythm not shown):
g ------------------------------------------|d --0------0------0------0--0----------0----|B --8------3------7------2--0----------0----|A --9------4------x------0--0----------0h2--|D --9------4------7-------------0------0----|G --9------4------7-------------0------0----|
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