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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 08:30:12 -0600
Subject: baby i'm a want  - bread

Baby I'm A want you - Bread
Transcribed by: Dirk Cushenbery (

[D]Baby I'm a want you. [em] Baby I'm a need you.
You're the[f#m] only one I cared enough to [G]hurt about.[D/F#]
[em]Maybe I'm a crazy, but I [G]just can't live with[A]out,

Your [D]lovin' and affection,[em] givin' me direction
like a [f#m]guiding light to help me through my [G]darkest hour.[D/F#]
[em]Lately I'm a prayin that you'll[G] always be a [A]stayin' be[D]side me.

[f#m]Used to be my life was just emotions [G]passing by.
[f#m]Feeling all the while and never really [G]knowing why. (Instr. verse,
sing "lately I'm a.." switching  last line)

[ f#m ]Then you came along and made me laugh and [G]made me cry.[D/F#]
You [em]taught me [A]why...
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