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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 13:25:13 -0500
From: Bryson Meunier 
Subject: TAB:"Oh!" by The Breeders

This is undoubtedly my favorite Breeders song. This transcription should be
pretty accurate because it's not that difficult of a song to figure out or
to play. One of the great things about this song is the different musical
textures. There are in fact so many that it's difficult to point out exactly
where they all are in relation to the lyrics. In other words, I am posting
all of the tabbed guitar/violin parts that are crucial to the song, but
you'll have to figure out where they go in relation to the lyrics by
listening to the music. Write me with comments, corrections, questions and
additions at  Enjoy!

                   "Oh!"(Kim Deal)

Performed by the Breeders on "Pod"(1990)
At that time, the Breeders were Kim Deal(vocals,guitar), Tanya
Donnely(vocals,guitar), Josephine Wiggs(vocals, bass guitar), Shannon
Doughton(vocals,drums) and Carrie Bradley(violin)
Backing vocals on "Oh!" by Michael Allen
Transcribed by Bryson Meunier

The three chords in the intro just sound like this: B5 G5 F#5 E--------------------------------| B--------------------------------| G----4--4--4--x------------------| D----4--4--4--x--x--5--5--x--4---| A----2--2--2--x--x--5--5--x--4---| E----------------x--3--3--x--2---|
After that, they start in on the vocals, at which point the guitar does something that's barely audible,sometimes not audible. At times, the only thing heard from the guitar at this part is the sound of a hand changing chords. Use the tab for the rhythm guitar here as a guideline and make up something that sounds right to you.
E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G---------4--------------------------------------------| D------4-----4---------5------------4------------5-----| A---2---------------5-----5------4-----4------5-----5--| E----------------3------------2------------3-(etc.)----|
The rhythm guitar part for the "Push him down" part sounds like this:
C5 B5-G5-F#5 E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G---5--x--x--5-----------------------------------------| D---5--x--x--5-----------------------------------------| A---3--x--x--3-----------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|Repeat the C5 part about 9x and then play the intro figure
The other guitar in this part sounds like this(figure out timing by listening to the music):
guitar 2(light distortion)- E------------------------------------------------------| B--2p0-------------------9--------7--------------------| G-------5\10--10--10--------10\9-----8--7--------------| D--------------------------------------------7b---r--3-| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
E--------------------------------| B--------------------------------| G--------------------------------| D---7b---r--3-----7br----7br-----| A--------------------------------| E--------------------------------|
The violin is a plays a big part in giving this song really interesting tonecolor. I'm not going to transcribe the whole thing but here's a little partthat sounds right to me.This is the part right before Kim says "still rollinin the stones". violin transcribed for guitar: (extended vibrato) E--9~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~9~~~~9--9h11--9~~~~~11~~~~\13~~~~-| B------------------------------------------------------| G------------------------------------------------------| D------------------------------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
Later on in the song(you'll have to listen to the music to figure outexactly where) the electric guitar repeats the figure that it that it playedin the "Push him down" part. Later still, that same guitar plays somethinglike this: guitar 2: run to the log... E------------------------------------------------------| B----6--5\3--3--5--------------------------------------| G------------------2------2\5--5-----------------------| D----------------------5-------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|The only part of this song left to tab is the ending which goes somethinglike this:
guitar 2: E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G---9--------7-----------9--------7---------9b---r--5--| D------10\9-----8--7--------10\9-----8--7--------------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
(guitar 1) B5-G5-F#5 E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G--9b---r--5----9b---r--5------------------------------| D---------------------------7br--7br--7br--7br--7br----| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
B5 G5 F#5 E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G------------------------------------------------------| D-7br--7br--7br--7br--7br--7br-------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
The lyrics go something like this: Oh (Oh whoa) Let's Fly(Let's Fly) and get lost in the moss Oh!Oh! (Oh whoa) Followin' the neon mine Push him down Push him down Push him down still rollin in the stones run to the log that's rotten and oh! oh! (oh whoa) Your soft belly boss (?) in close(?) Push him down Push him down Push him down As with the guitar tab, the lyrics are all there but out of sequence. Listen to the song for sequential verification. symbols used in transcription: x = make percussive sound with fretting hand p = pull-off h = hammer-on b = bend r = release \ = slide ~ = vibrato(shake the hell out of the string)
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