Broadway – When I Look At You chords

This is my first tab for this site. I tried to be a little fancy by trying to put my 
music theory skills into play. I didn’t know now to do flats, so some chords may kinda 
weird. I hope this works, please let me know if you see anything funky or have better suggestions.



G,  B7(#5)/D#,  Em,  Em7/D, Cmaj7,
Dsus, D

Gmaj9 Am7When I look at you, what I always see
Gmaj9 Am7 B7(#5)Is the face of someone else who once belonged to me.
Em7Still I can hear him laugh
B7/D#5 Em7/D A/C# Am7 Am7/D DAnd even though that mel--------ody plays on, he's gone
Gmaj9 Am7When I look at you, he is standing there
Gmaj9 Am7 B7(#5)I can almost breathe him in like summer in the air
Em7Why do you smile his smile?
B7/D#5 Em7/D A/C# Am7 Am7/D DThat heaven I'd forgotten eases through, in you
D AmIf you could look at me once more
Am7/D Gmaj7With all the love you felt before
Cmaj7 A/C#If you and I could disappear into the past
Em7/A AAnd find that love we knew
Am9 Fmaj9 Am7/D DI'd never take my eyes away from you
G Am7/GWhen I look at you, he is touching me
G G/B Cmaj7I would reach for him, but who can hold a memory?
B7 Em7And love isn't everything
B7(#5)/D# A/C# Am7 C6/DThat moonlight on the bed will melt away, someday
G B7(#5) Em7Oh, you were once that someone
B7/D Am7 E7(#5) Am7 Am7/DWho I followed like a_ star
G B7 Em7 B7/D#Then suddenly you changed,
Em7/D Am7 E7(#5) Am7And now I don't know who you are
Am7/D Cmaj7 B7sus B7Or could it be that I never really
Em7 Cm6knew you from the start?
G/DDid I create a dream?
Am7/DWas he a fantasy?
G G/B Cmaj7 Am7Even a memory is paradise for all the fools like me
G Am7 Em7 A9Now, remembering is all that I can do
Am7 G Cm6 G(9)Because I miss him so, when I look at you
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