Broadway – Corner Of The Sky tab

Verse one:
[C] Everything has its sea[F]son, [C]Everything has its t[F]ime,
[C] Show me a rea[F]son and I9ll [C] soon show you a [G] rhyme.
[Bb] Cats fit on the window sill, [C] Children fit in the sn[Am7]ow.
[Gm] Why do I feel I don9t fit in anywhere I [C] go?

[F]Rivers belong where they can r[Gsus]amble,
[Em] Eagles belong where t[Em7]hey can f[F]ly.
[C] I9ve got to [Dm] be where my [G] spirit can run fr[Am]ee.
[F] Got to find [C] my corner [Gm] of the sk[C]y.

Every man has his daydreams, Every man has his goal.  People like the
way dreams have of sticking to the soul.  Thunderclouds have their
lightening.  Nightingales have their song.  And don9t you see I want my
life to be something more than long?


So m any men seem destined to settle for something small, but I won9t
rest until I know I9ll have it all.  So don9t ask where I9m going, but
listen when I9m gone.  And far away you9ll hear me singing softly to the
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