Broadway – Assassins - Unworthy Of Your Love chords

This is the first anything for this song on this website. I love it so much and was
heartbroken when they didn't have the chords, so here they are. I've omitted the ending when
Hinckley is shooting at Reagan. In the last chorus when Hinckley and Fromme are singing 
together, I put "Jodie/Charlie." If you're singing as Hinckley, sing "Jodie," and if
you're singing as Fromme, sing "Charlie."

Intro: Bbm A G Ab F Ab A Db D B A C A C B Abm E B Abm E


B AbmI am nothing,
BYou are wind and water and sky,
Bbm BTell me, Jodie,
Abm B Ebm AbmHow I can earn your love.
I would swim oceans,
B AbmI would move mountains,
B A DbmI would do anything for you.
EWhat do you want me to do?
E BI am unworthy of your love,
EJodie, Jodie,
F# B ELet me prove worthy of your love.
F# BTell me how I can earn your love,
Abm ESet me free.
EmHow can I turn your love
F#To me?
A DbmI am nothing,
A D AYou are wind and devil and God,
Db DbmCharlie,
ATake my blood and my body
DbmFor your love.
F#m D ALet me feel fire,
Dbm F#mLet me drink poison,
GTell me to tear my heart in two,
DIf that's what you want me to do...
EI am unworthy of your love,
Dbm DCharlie darlin',
B E A DI have done nothing for your love.
ELet me be worthy of your love,
Db F#m DSet you free-
D BmI would come take you from your life...
D BmI would some take you from your cell...
F#mYou would be queen to me, not wife...
D BI would crawl belly deep through hell...
G A GBaby, I'd die for you...
DBaby, I'd die for you...
F#mEven though-
BEven though-
D F EI will always know:
E BI am unworthy of your love,
G G AbmJodie/Charlie darlin',
E F# BLet me prove worthy of your love.
E BI'll find a way to earn your love,
Eb Abm DbmWait and see.
F# BThen you will turn your love to me,
E B Ebm EYour love
F# BTo me...
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