Broken Bells – Vaporize chords ver. 4

This is my first post, so please comment so I know how I did, or if i got any lyrics 
wrong. :P Oh, when you play the intro/verse, the change from A to G and C to D only gets 2 
beats, not 4. Hope you like the tabs! :)



Em, Bm, A, G, C, D


Em BmWhat amounts to a dream anymore?
A G C DA crude device, a veil on our eyes.
Em BmA simple plan we'd be different from the rest
A G C DAnd never resign, to a typical life
Em, Bm, A, G, C, D:
Em BmCommon fears start to multiply
A G C DWe realize we're paralyzed
Em BmWhere'd it go, all that precious time?
A G C DDid we even try, to stem the tide.
A EmWhy should we waste it on
G C DBuying into the same old lies?
A EmThe longer we wait around
G C DThe faster the years go by
Bm AIt's not too late
C DTo feel a little more alive
Bm AYou gotta escape
C DBefore we start to Vaporize
(Play intro again here during the instrumental part) BRIDGE: (Instrumental: D, G, Bm, C, D)
D GDoubtless, we've been through this
Bm C DSo if you want to follow me you should know
D GI was lost then and I'm lost now
Bm C DAnd I doubt I'll ever know which way to go
(Play intro again and fade out)
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