Brooke Fraser – Orphans Kingdoms chords

No capo needed :)

Here are the chords I use
D:  x00230
A:  x02230
Bm: x20230
G:  3x0033

A  Bm  G  D (x2)

DIn me, in you
DOrphans, kingdoms
BmWide eyes and paper crowns
DTime will hold us,
DTime eroders
BmWe're wrinkling chilling out
G D A BmWe are won-der-ing where the wild wind blows
G D A BmWe are happy here 'cause the wild wind knows
G (single strum) What we are G (single strum) Orphans, kingdoms (Intro)
DIn me, in you
DThings explorers
D BmNamed with codes of arms
DA world inside us
D A feast, a harvest
D BmEach of us slum a star
(Pre-Chorus) (Intro) x4 Bridge:
A Bm G DEat and drink, for tomorrow we die
A Bm G DWe will look our waker in the eye
A Bm G DRaise a flag and then drink to your health
A Bm G DWho is he that can comfort himself?
(Pre-Chorus) (Intro) x1 im pretty sure that these chords are accurate :) -k.minguez
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