Buffalo Tom – Larry tab

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Date:     Tue, 17 Oct 1995 17:04 -0400
From: DEGEORGE@PROCESS.COM (Michael DeGeorge)

Larry by Buffalo Tom
>From the album Let Me Come Over

As noted here by Jeffery James Wolf, BT loves using a capo on the third fret.
"Larry" is no different.
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have fun, this sounds pretty cool with some decent distortion..

Mike D

listen to cd for exact rhythm
(note-all chords are named as if there was no capo) So for example:

when I say "C" it means   365343 not 032010 etc..

C   C/B  Am            G  Fmaj7*
When I   sleep is when you       rise

C*      C/B  Am                      G   Fmaj7*
Get out of   bed wipe the sleep from your      eyes
I shut my eyes - all the world drops dead
Now's the time friend of mine

Em             F
With a passage to

A passage from

           G     F
Your daily missal

Em           F
We taught that

Cat to crawl

and at the very end of the song the high ringing note on the chords is the
3rd(remember it's capoed so it's really the 6th) fret of the high e string...

Fmaj7*= 336543 but Bill J hammers the "5" on and off
C*=     365343 and again Bill hammers the "5" on and off
C/B=    353343 or you can get away with 353363
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