Bad Books – Lake House chords

[Verse 1]
G CAll the lake houses were moving
GThey were spinning around in the lake
CThey were shark-infested waters
GThey were dangerous places to play
[Verse 2]
CYou approached me like a brother
GTold me "all that you see isn't true"
CA shark pops out of the water
GA crucifix carved in his tooth
[Verse 3]
CThere was one song left, repeated
GAs I drifted off, grazing your leg
CIt was tough to tell your motive
DYou were stuck between no and yes
[Verse 4]
G CWhen I woke, I saw your anchor
GPierce through the top of my spine
CThat I pushed too far to recover
DAs I'm living on borrowing time
[Verse 5]
G CWhen you showed up you were glowing
GTaking my last breath away
COn the arm of some opponent
GGushing at each word he says
[Verse 6]
CWhen I asked to speak about it
GYou made it real easy for me
CJust because we have a baby
DDoesn't mean that you belong to me
[Verse 7]
COh, and if I ever lose you
GIf that horrible day ever comes
CI don't know how I'd recover
DI don't know what race I'd run
CBut I know that I'd love you
G CThe day that we swore on that ring
GThe day that we swore on that ring
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