Barry Manilow – One Voice chords

F Gm/FJust One Voice, Singing in the darkness, all it takes is
C/F FOne Voice, singing so they hear what's on your mind,
C/FAnd when you look around you'll find there's more than
F Gm/FOne Voice, Singing in the darkness, Joining with your
C/F FOne Voice, Each and every note another octave, Hands are
Bb/FJoined and fears unlocked, If only
Eb/F FOne Voice would start it on its own, We need just
Bb EbOne Voice facing the unknown, and then that
Am D Am/DOne Voice would never be alone It takes that One Voice.
Eb F Bb Eb Am DBad a da a ha ha a ha
D Am/DIt takes that One Voice.
Am/D G Am/GJust One Voice Singing in the darkness, All it takes is
D/G B/F# Em EbOne Voice, Shout it out and let it ri-------ng. Just
GOne Voice, It takes that
Bm E7 Am G/B C C/G GOne Voice, And eve---ry---one will sing!
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