Better Oblivion Community Center – Service Road chords

Am C
Am C

Am CYou should really call your brother
Am C FSomeone put up a picture where he can't stand
F CWas holding onto the table
GProbably throwing darts or playing cards
GSomething that he lost made him so mad
Am CAlways said it didn'€™t matter
Am C FWith a pile of filthy coins clenched in his hands
F CAsking strangers to forgive him
GBut he never told him what it is
GHe did to them that made him feel so bad
F C G FSay what you mean and say it now
F C G EmDon't state your name, that doesn't count
Em FWho are you?
Em FWho are you-
DLooking for?
Am CThought that he was doing better
Am C FA notice, final eviction, he just laughed
F CAlways had a sense of humor
GWe still joked until the bitter end
GWhile all those threats he made can't walk them back
Am CIn and out of indecision
Am C FIn and out of any options he once had
F C GFarewell, so long
G'Til the trouble that you made and hate is gone
F C G FSay what you mean and say it now
F C G EmDon't throw a fit, quit acting out
Em FWho are you?
Em FWho are you -
DWaiting for?
C FJust go out into the falling snow
C FJust go toward the white in the skylight
C FJust go past the trucks on the service road
C FJust go until you feel different
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