Better Oblivion Community Center – Didn't Know What I Was In For chords


[Verse 1: Phoebe Bridgers]
DMy telephone, it doesn't have a camera
D D/GIf it did I'd take a picture of myself
DIf it did I'd take a picture of the water
D/C# DAnd the man on the offramp
D D/G DHolding up the sign that's asking me for help
D D/C#I got a job and I'll work here for the summer
D D/BI fold the towels and set them by the pool
DEveryone looks happy with each other
D/C# D D/B'Til they step away and say the thing they really meant
DThey always sound so cruel
[Chorus: Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst]
Asus4 G5I didn't know what I was in for
D G6/BWhen I signed up for that run
Asus4 G5There's no way I'm curing cancer
Em9But I'll sweat it out
D/G DI feel so proud now for all the good I've done
[Verse 2: Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst]
D D/BI know a girl who owns a boutique in the city
D D/BSelling clothes to the fashionably late
D D/BSays she cries at the news but doesn't really
D/C# D D/B DCause it's too much fondness, too much time and too much plastic money to be made
[Chorus: Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst]
Asus4 GI didn't know what I was in for
D G6/BWhen they took my belt and strings
Asus4 G5They told me I'd gone crazy
Em9My arms are strapped in a straight jacket
D/G DSo I couldn't save those TV refugees
Em9When they're on their backs
D/C#In a bloody bath
DFull of Sarin gas
D/GOn a screen
[Chorus: Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst]
Em9 G5I didn't know what I was in for
D G6/BWhen I laid out in the sun
Asus4 G5We get burned for being honest
Em9 D/G DI've really never done anything, for anyone
[Outro: Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst]
DTo fall asleep I need white noise to distract me
D D/BOtherwise I have to listen to me think
Asus4 G6/BOtherwise I pace around, hold my breath, let it out
D/C# D Dsus2/GSit on the couch and think about how living's just a promise that I made
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