Better Oblivion Community Center – Dominos chords

C C/B It gets dark in the morning
Am C/G Trade sleep for drinks in a bar
F C I'm sure as hell my breath stinks
F G Watch it float like smoke in the fog
Dm F I can feel a tornado
F C And it's shivering up my arms
F G I've been playing dominos
C C/B Am I'm just trying not to wreck no cars
F G Putting fear in my nose
C C/B Am And trying to keep up with all my thoughts
Dm G If we're going somewhere, I'm ready
F C If it's just dirt, I'm not
C C/B I scrape my eye when I touch the sky
Am C/G And lose a little vision for the man
F C I can call, it in my mind
F G I don't want to hold nobody's hand
Dm F I can toss in the morning light
F C I'll play dead when I'm buried in the sand
F G I'm seeing shadows of a man
C C/B Am Who's homeless buried and numb
F G A forecast of forgotten land
C C/B Am I hope it shows up in the setting sun
Dm G If we're going somewhere, I'm ready, honey
F C If it's nowhere, I'm done
Fm C I can hear a voice but it's speaking code
Fm C Like I'm talking to strangers on a foreign phone
Fm F C C/B A7 I can talk to angels when I'm all alone
Dm G They take me to a place in the city
F C C/B Am And when we're done they take me home
Am F C Can't find a forest with the singing birds
C/B F C Instead I'm just a low voice in the crowd
C F G Can't hear my own voice in this crowd
C C/B I get edgy on dark streets
Am C/G Coming home I feel my heart beat
F C I say I'm stoned for the last time
F G And do it again and repeat
Dm F I'm car-pooling to kingdom come
F C To the wild purgatory
F G Experience in the magic rainbow
C C/B Am All you gotta do is follow
Dm G And if you're not feeling ready
F C There's always tomorrow
F G And if you're not feeling ready
F C There's always tomorrow
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