Billy Fury – Margo chords

[Verse 1]
C FMargo don't go - oh - oh - oh
F CI need you so - oh - oh - oh
GOh! please be mine
G7 C F CMost of the time
FI like the way you walk
F CI like the way you talk
GI love you so
G7 C F CMargo don't go
[Verse 3]
FWell most time ba-b' y
CI'ah just fool with you
FDon't ever leave me
G G7Don't make me blue
[Bridge] FDo-n't Go - oh - oh - oh
CI love you so - oh - oh - oh
C7 G7 COh please be mine most of the time
F C C7Don't fool with other guy's - Don't paint the town
F G G7You'll get a big supprise - I won't be round
F COh Margo --I - ne-eed you
G7 C F CPlease love me to -- like I - love - you
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