Birdcloud – Springwater chords

[Verse 1]
F#mI blacked out
DSide the Springwater
ATook a piss out in the parking lot
EIn the shape of Africa
F#m DBlackjack, wrecked my Cadillac
ABought a present for my nose
EAnd I tore off all my clothes and then I
F#m DWent down on a rodeo
A EClown while the bulls all watched and gathered around
F#m D A EMan
F#m D A EMan
[Verse 2]
F#mTripping on shrooms
DCussin out the moon
ALike flowers for Algernon
ERan down to the Parthenon
F#m DSomething wrong with your marble ding dong
ATook some speed to calm me down
EAnd I'll never fuck Poseidon again
F#m D A EMan
F#m D A E [Verse 3]
F#m DSang CCR after huffin gasoline
A EThrew up potato salad on the karaoke machine
F#mTold my friends kids
DSanta wasn't real
AAre you interested in boobies, yet
EDo you wanna feel one?
F#m D A EMan
F#m D A EMan
F#m D A EMan
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