Birdcloud – Vodkasodaburg chords

[Verse 1]
A Well I was sober as a judge walkin' around Williamsburg
EYou know they oughta rename this place vodkasodaburg
D'Cause I've been drinkin' with they homos and they say that they ain't homos but they
Alook like one to me.
AI got 25 bucks to blow in vodkasodaburg
EYeah that's five drinks at five-by-five n don't leave a tip
D AYeah that's ice and that's vodka and that's soda, no lime, don't put no bullshit straw into it
[Verse 2]
AJust now starting to get it right in vodkasodaburg
EWell my brain is feeling sparkly wow
DOh I so iso-ppropriate alcohol
AMmm everything is clear to me now
AWell I met a local man in vodkasodaburg
EHim's a self-described hopeless romantic
DHim gonna buy me another drink he must be retarded
AAnd go back to his fucking pad alone in Bushwick
[Verse 3]
D EAnd I went home with a mulatto
D EOh yeah he had some mighty cold snow
D EAnd that's why then he wrote a song about me
D EOh no, I was lucky to be alive
AI threw up and mosied on back to vodkasodaburg
EAll the bartenders there all hate my fuckin' guts
DI was just tryin' to get my time to shine
All the girls turnin' into bitches
ASpending three hundred dollars on a dress just trying to get fucked
[Verse 4]
D EAnd this is where I get off
D EOh yeah probably never gonna stop
D E'Cause I can't I said I'm never gonna stop
D ENo I said I'm never gonna stop, stop!
AI was a sad sack of shit walkin' around Williamsburg
EJust like all the residents that live in Williamsburg
DI was just trying to take a little trip to vodkasodaburg
A E ACan I please be anywhere else in the world except for here.
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